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RCCG Africa Continent 4

Christian Social Responsibility (CSR) Making A Difference Across RCCG Africa Continent 4

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RCCG Africa Continent 4

Christian Social Responsibility (CSR) Making A Difference Across RCCG Africa Continent 4

Across the continent of Africa, there are violent unrest resulting in destruction of infrastructure, unemployment and poverty affecting livelihoods and lives, escalation of crime and danger, economic downturn impacting macroeconomic performance and the after effect of Covid-19 pandemic impacting lives and livelihoods.
In addition, we have gender-based violence and femicide, natural disasters like floods and hurricanes causing loss of homes, lives, livelihoods and more. Many are vulnerable, others are broken and hurting, and some have hope.
The RCCG AC4 CSR seeks to alleviate suffering and practically demonstrate the love of Jesus. This will enable us achieve the mission of the RCCG church of making it to heaven and taking as many people as possible with us.
To make a difference in the lives of Christians and non-Christians by leveraging on the Church footprint to implement tailored CSR initiatives that impact the Socio-economic landscape in townsgips, cities, and countries across the Redeemed Christian Church of God Africa Continent 4 (AC4). By “Making a Difference” AC4 CSR will seek to touch and change lives, by meeting the needs of people, bringing hope, healing, and comfort in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. In line with the vision of the RCCG Global CSR headquarters, the purpose and objective are founded on the scripture: Mathew 25:31, 32: 41-46.
Health (eg Health awareness workshops, Mental Health etc)
(eg Equip and/or Renovate Schools)
(eg Township and School Feeding)
Well Being
(eg Disaster relief, Drug abuse and Prison Outreach)
Entrepreneurship (eg empowering youths for small businesses)
Skills Acquisition
(vocational skills like Hat making and Hair Dressing)
Economic Improvement
(eg training and economic boot-camp for unemployed youths)


Through the aforementioned RCCG AC4 CSR will be contributing to lives and livelihoods of individuals, households, societies and economies.

These will in turn further contribute to select Sustainable Development Goals and Aspirations of Africa (Africa Agenda 2063).

Africa Development

An Africa Whose Development is people driven, relying on the potential offered by African People, especially its Women and Youth, and caring for Children.

Prosperous Africa

A Prosperous Africa, base on inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development; A peaceful and Secure Africa.

African Identity

Africa with a Strong Cultural Identity Common Heritage, Values and Ethics; An Africa that is A Strong, United, Resilient and Influential Global Player and Partner

Achievements: Highlights of some CSR Initiatives achieved thus far

Cyclone Freddy occurred in March 2023 and impacted Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique. It destroyed over 132,000 homes, 640,000 people homeless, damaged over 1,000 schools and 5,000 kilometres of roads. The AC4 CSR have touched those countries.

In Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique delegations including the national pastors and CSR country representatives presented packs to the impacted communities. Overall, 475 households benefited and 63 souls were won for Jesus.

Packs presented included: Plastic sheeting to rebuild homes Maize flour, Beans, Rice, Noodles, Soap, Vaseline, Dignity Kits

Diesplot, South Africa is a temporary informal shelter in Johannesburg for displaced people. It is a poorly resourced community with a high incidence of violent crime, gender-based violence, domestic and sexual violence and child abuse. We visited Diepsloot, presented packs to 72 households and 16 souls were won for Jesus.

Reaching the youth for Christ
Collaboration of CSR with the Beautiful feet program
Bi-Annual CSR Sunday to involve Medical checks for parishioners and CSR socialization.
CSR initiatives implemented at the continental level (Big ticket initiatives across countries like the Cyclone Freddy outreach). Weather related catastrophes are seasonal and will be responded to when they occur.
CSR initiatives at country, province/parish level for the smaller initiatives leveraging the AC4 CSR framework and guidelines.